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Our Impact

2023 Annual Summary

Throughout 2023, Wisconsin Extension Master Gardeners contributed nearly 104,000 hours of service, showcasing their unwavering dedication to the Wisconsin Idea. Additionally, we are proud to report that over 28,000 hours of continuing education were recorded, highlighting Wisconsin Extension Master Gardeners’ commitment to staying up-to-date on research-based information.

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Over the past year, Master Gardeners have been hard at work providing a variety of gardening-related outreach activities to our Wisconsin communities through volunteer service to Wisconsin nonprofits and other organizations that benefit the public good. From answering individual gardening questions to educating large groups through workshops and displays, Master Gardeners have been dedicated to helping individuals grow their knowledge and skills. In addition, they have engaged in physical gardening tasks and provided expert administration and support to ensure the success of programs across the state. The Extension Horticulture and Master Gardener Programs are proud of the progress made and look forward to continuing to serve our communities in the coming year.



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