Spotted Lanternfly

Continuing Education Hours: Claim 1.5 hours if you watch the video, do the reading, complete the practice exercise, and take the quiz.

This Plants Plus focuses on an invasive pest that may be on its way to Wisconsin: spotted lanternfly. You may already have heard about this pest as it has received media attention. We want to provide you with current information so you can educate yourself and be on the lookout for spotted lanternfly in your area.

This module contains Wisconsin-specific information to help you learn about the biology of this insect, plants affected, and the type of damage it can cause. Remember, when dealing with any plant pest, knowledge is power!

Spotted lanternfly
Image credit: Lawrence Barringer, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture,

You’ll learn to:

  • Recognize biological and life cycle characteristics of spotted lanternfly.
  • Explain why spotted lanternfly is an invasive pest of concern in Wisconsin.
  • Monitor for and report potential spotted lanternfly sightings in Wisconsin.


    Watch this presentation and learn about spotted lanternfly from the director of the UW Insect Diagnostic Lab, PJ Liesch. Video runs ~33 mins.

    Resources mentioned in the video: (optional)


    Read the factsheet on spotted lanternfly to reinforce what you heard in the video.


    Instructions: First, complete the Spotted Lanternfly Practice exercise below. It focuses on biological aspects of the insect. Finish the module by taking the short quiz. The quiz has three questions.

    Module Quiz:


    Report the 1.5 hours of continuing education you just earned in the Online Reporting System. Great job!

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