Gardening and Climate Change: Growing Fruit Trees in a Changing Environment

Apricot tree with ripe fruit

Continuing Education Hours: Claim 1.5 hours if you listen to the podcast, watch the video and complete the practice exercise.

This Plants Plus is part of a Gardening and Climate Change series. We recommend you complete this short module after the Gardening and Climate Change: Introduction module. This module focuses on the challenges of and strategies for growing fruit trees in a changing climate.

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • The effects climate change has on fruit trees.
  • Protection strategies for existing fruit trees.
  • Strategies for planting and growing resilient trees.


In the Gardening and Climate Change: Introduction module, you heard Wisconsin-specific information relating to climate change. In this module, you get to hear from a Minnesota climatologist who will present similar information in a different way. This will give you additional background information to better understand the effects climate change has on fruit trees, especially as it pertains to:

  • Extreme cold
  • Heat and drought
  • Waterlogged soil due to extreme precipitation events

Instructions: Visit the University of Minnesota Extension Podcast mini series website. Scroll down and listen to Season 3 Episode 1: Growing Produce in a changing climate with Kenny Blumenfeld.

Podcast is ~45 minutes long.

WATCH: Growing Fruit Trees in a Changing Environment

This presentation focuses on the challenges of growing long-lived perennial plants in a changing climate. You’ll learn about the effects a variable climate has on fruit trees, how you can protect them from climate change effects, and how you can plant and grow trees in the future that are resilient to the effects of climate change.

  • Presented by Dr. Amaya Atucha, Associate Professor and Fruit Crop Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Video is ~33 minutes long. 

Resources mentioned in the presentation:

Use these Extension publications to pick out a fruit cultivar recommended for your area!


Now it’s time to practice!

Instructions: Complete the module quiz. The quiz has three questions. It’s designed so that you can share what aspects of the material stuck with you the most.

Report your continuing education hours in the Online Reporting System.

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