Tree Planting

Continuing Education Hours: Claim 2 hours if you watch the videos, do the reading, and complete the quiz.

This Plants Plus focuses on the basics of planting the three different types of nursery stock. In a world with increasingly unpredictable weather and climate, tree planting is a positive action a gardener can take with a lot of benefits. This module will take you through some of the considerations of species selection, the pros and cons of the different types of nursery stock, and how to put a tree in the ground properly to set it up for success. We’ll wrap up with some important post-planting tree care.

A buckeye tree in flower

You’ll learn to:

  • Compare the pros and cons of different types of nursery stock.
  • Describe the process for planting and caring for a new tree.
  • Identify common planting problems.


Learn about different aspects of tree planting from Extension Horticulture Outreach Specialist Amy Freidig. Playlist consists of four videos. Total video runtime ~60 minutes.


Read through this University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension publication to focus on important considerations of tree species selection. Remember, picking your tree is part of the planting process!


Instructions: Complete the module by taking a short quiz to show us what you’ve learned.

Module Quiz:



Report the continuing education hours you just earned in the Online Reporting System. Great job!

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