Continuing Education hours: 2.5

WATCH: Houseplants


Please note: This Plants Plus module counts for 2.5 hours for completing the video and quiz.  The readings in the Extra Resources section are optional.

The video is ~2 hours long. (That’s a long time!)  We recommend doing it in two chunks: First, Benefits of Houseplants + Bringing Plants Home (~58 mins); Second, Easy Care Houseplant Selection (~1 hour).   You don’t have to watch it all in one sitting.  Feel free to break it up! You can simply pause and resume at any time.

Full length video:


  • Dr. Patti Nagai, former Extension Horticulture Educator, Racine County
  • Houseplants video link
  • Video is ~2 hours


FYI: Extra Resources

These are great resources on houseplants or were mentioned in the video. These aren’t required reading to earn the 2.5 hours of Continuing Ed but are here if you want to learn more!

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