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Container Design

Continuing Education Hours: Claim 2 hours if you watch the video, do the readings and complete the practice exercises.

Containers can be a fun, versatile way to garden in any space. Many gardeners like to express themselves artistically with the colors, textures, forms, and other characteristics available in the plant world. Picking the plants you’ll use is half the fun! Designing your containers using easy design concepts can result in artistic success with your container garden creations. This module will guide you through main design concepts, tips to use and considerations for plant selection.

In this module, you’ll learn to:

  • List benefits to container gardening.
  • Use containers as design elements in the landscape.
  • Identify the elements in a “Thriller, Filler, Spiller” design.
  • List ideas for visual interest in shade conditions.
  • Recognize important visual characteristics of plants, like texture, contrast, and form.
  • Identify important cultural and environmental considerations when selecting plants for container gardens.

WATCH: Container Design




Select TWO articles that you want to read. These articles focus on specific plants that you have heard in the video presentation.  (You can feel free to read the others if you’re interested!)


Instructions: First, complete the Container Design Practice exercise below. You’ll practice identifying design concepts in planted containers. Finish the module by taking the short quiz.




Report the 2 hours of continuing education you just earned in the Online Reporting System.

Colorful container gardens are an important part of community placemaking.
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