Online Reporting System

Master Gardener Volunteers make a difference in lives and communities across the state. Our online reporting system (ORS) is one way we collect the important data we need to tell these stories. The hours you contribute to a given activity and the number of people you reach are important elements of the the story. Please use the link below to report your efforts on the identified projects in your county and to participate in the annual enrollment process.

Report Your Hours / Annual Enrollment

Watch all the videos in this play list and you can claim 0.6 hours of continuing education.


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ For reporting

Do I need to do a separate entry for every time I volunteer?

The system does allow for you to do multiple or daily entries for your volunteer projects.  You are welcomed to do that! Or, if you want to keep track of your hours and enter them all at once, you can do that, too.  The important thing is to report your hours as accurately as you can by the annual deadline.

Do I need to do a separate entry for each continuing education entry?

Like with volunteer hours, you can do multiple entries for your continuing education hours if you wish. For this year, if you instead want to report CE hours as a lump sum and only make a single entry, you can also do that.  You would put the total CE hours earned in the CE Hours field. You can make note of the individual things you did to earn the CE hours in the Description field. Don’t forget to hit Add!

Can I volunteer in multiple counties?

Yes! Contact your local coordinator on how to add another county to your profile.

My project isn’t listed. Where do I report my hours?

Not all projects are currently listed. Counties have created a Misc. Projects or “catch all” options for those projects that may be off the radar. Local coordinators will review those entries and consider adding activities as approved projects.

My project takes place in a different county than the county where I report my hours. What do I do?

We know MGVs volunteer across county lines and we designed the system to accomodate you. Projects are listed by the geographical location where they take place. You will need to add the specific counties where those projects take place in your account in order for the project to appear. This is best demonstrated in one of the tutorial videos. You don’t need to be concerned about the hours being reported to the wrong county. The hours are connected to you and your home county even if you volunteer in another county.

What do I do with the Type of Activity?

It takes all sorts of efforts to make our projects happen! We thought we’d use this system to most accurately tell the story.  Consider using these options when reporting hours.  Consult with your local coordinator or project leads for the amount of detail they want to capture- it may not be necessary for all projects.

  • Administration / Support: activities related to the behind the scenes success of projects; includes meetings involving decision making; preparation/recovery of activities
  • Answering Questions / Diagnostics: activities related to the one-on-one addressing of garden questions
  • Educating Others: activities related to the engagement of audiences with gardening information, directly or indirectly, such as workshops, symposiums, displays, etc.; Includes your preparation and delivery
  • Gardening: activities related to the physical aspects of gardening at approved projects
  • Travel: time spent traveling to and from volunteer project (projects only, not continuing education) This option will disappear in 2020… why?
  • Archival Hours / Archival CE Hours: These are administrative categories to allow us to incorporate hours from the old database into our new one. These should be used only by coordinators.

Once I have entered all my hours, do I need to submit a “final copy” to the state office?   Is there some further form/notification I need to complete?

No, there is no additional final submission of hours button or other thing you need to do to notify us that you have completed your hours.  Once you’ve added your hours, they are stored in the ORS and we can immediately see them.  You do not need to notify the state office that your hours are submitted nor will you get conformation that your hours have been added. You can always check your hours yourself to see that they are correct.

How do I report my hours?

In the past, volunteers reported hours rounded to nearest .0 or .5.  We now have the computer do the math for us!  You are welcomed to enter your time as minutes– it just needs to be converted to a decimal.  Consult your local coordinator or project lead on the detail required for a given project. Download time conversion chart (minutes to decimal hours) PDF

Do I need to keep track of the number of contacts?

The number of people MGVs come into contact with can be an important indicator on how well we get information distributed to the public.  Not all projects require contacts to be reported. Consult with your local coordinator or project lead on how and when to report possible contacts.

Are there any shortcuts?

YES! If you volunteer repeatedly on a project, or want to report on several different types of activities, you can find a previously entered report, copy it, tweak it, and hit SAVE.

I’m trying log in and I cant find my name in the list!

This is one of two things.  First, when trying to activate your account, you have not been entered into the ORS.  Master Gardener Volunteers who were certified and active in December 2018 were automatically migrated into the new system.  If you were not marked as “active” in our old system you were not migrated over and will need to be entered into the system.  Contact your county coordinator to get this started.

Second, the list of names is only needed when activating your account.  Once activated, your name disappears and you enter the ORS by using your username and password at Report Your Hours.

What is “archival”? 

Archival information, volunteer hours and continuing education, is the information that was previously reported and recorded in the old database.  We had to shoe-horn it into our new system so you see anything from before 2019 listed in this category. That said, we only moved the accumulative volunteer hours into the new system so we can continue to give milestone awards.  We did not move all the continuing education hours as they are not used in the same way.

When entering hours, you should not use any of the archival categories.  They are for administrative/coordinator use only.

Why is “Travel” getting removed from volunteer activities?

County travel time to and from volunteer activities has been a historic allowance with the program; however, during a review of our risk management, it was deemed unallowable without requiring every MG volunteer to complete driver authorization through UW-Madison. Though 4-H completes driver authorization with their volunteers transporting youth, this will not be an additional requirement/burden added to the MG program.  Starting in 2020, volunteer hours may only be reported for time at a project, from arrival to departure.

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