The Master Gardener Program provides you with Plant Plus and a growing number of learning opportunities in our Canvas classroom.

Plants Plus

New: All Plants Plus modules are available exclusively to Master Gardener Volunteers in Canvas, our online classroom. Login using your NetID and scroll down to choose the module you wish to take. New modules will be posted there every other month!

The Plants Plus series includes a remix of new and past training presentations, printed materials and other references focused on specific plants or gardening topics to help you increase your knowledge so you can better answer gardening questions. These packages of information go more in depth than a typical Extension publication for those who want to focus on specific topics. Learn at your own pace by watching a pre-recorded lecture and discover more in the additional reading materials and activities.

To get MG continuing education credit, watch the video, read the supporting materials, and complete the short quiz included with each group.

Our Canvas Classroom

Master Gardeners require a netID to access our Canvas classroom. A NetID is a special, UW-Madison issued username. You must use your NetID username plus a password to get into Canvas. It is different than your Online Reporting System (ORS) username and password. Our FAQ can help you with additional questions about our ORS and Canvas.

Your netID will be sent to the email address on file in the Master Gardener Program Online Reporting System (ORS).

Here is all the stuff you will find inside Canvas in one convenient spot!

  • Volunteer Vibe
  • Plants Plus
  • Onboarding Lite
  • All future advanced training courses

We are happy to tell you about some of the perks Canvas will give us.

  • All in one location: All online learning supported by the state program office will be in one spot. You can also keep track of learning modules you’ve completed or Volunteer Vibes you have read.
  • Interactive and fun: We will use fun features like quizzes, puzzles, and more, to make online learning more engaging.
  • All the usual good stuff will be there: Readings, videos, podcasts, resources, links- all the things you’re used seeing in our educational online classes are making the move to Canvas.

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