Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

A Wisconsin Extension Master Gardener will subscribe to the following standards when acting in this role:

  • Maintain high standards of integrity, conduct, service, and performance.
  • Master Gardeners are the volunteers of the organization in which they provide volunteer service.  Know and follow established program guidelines and policies of the organizations in which you provide community service.
  • Be courteous and respectful of others and their views.
  • Promote a spirit of cooperation in all activities.
  • Act as a trustworthy and ethical resource for other gardeners in the community.
  • Use unbiased University research-based information in education and management decisions.
  • Promote and support the Wisconsin Extension Master Gardener Program.

Master Gardeners must not:  

  • Participate in lobbying, activism, or advocacy for policy change as part of their Master Gardeners hours. While these activities are important, they must be completed independently of the Master Gardener Program.
  • Use the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Division of Extension, and/or the Wisconsin Master Gardener title(s) or logo(s) for personal profit.
  • Engage in discriminatory behavior.

A code of ethics is in place to perceive the integrity of the Extension Master Gardener Program. Individuals who do not follow the code of ethics or who misuse the Master Gardener title may receive a warning or be removed from the program at any time. Extension has the right to rescind participation in the Master Gardener program at any time for any reason that falls outside of applicable protected bases identified by the University of Wisconsin-Madison or the Division of Extension for visitors and program participants.

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