our online classroom

Canvas, Our Online Classroom

All of our online learning is now in our online classroom, Canvas. Use your UW-Madison net ID to log into Canvas. This netID is a special, UW-Madison issued username. You must use your NetID username plus a password to get into Canvas. It is different than your Online Reporting System (ORS) username and password. Individuals […]


Going Up the Wall

In March, I wrote about gardening to stimulate the senses. In that article I mentioned using vertical gardening techniques so I can better smell my herbs. That small blurb inspired me to do more vertical gardening this year. Vertical gardening, in my yard, creates another way to interact with my plants. It also creates challenges […]

stir fry

Why Use Tested Recipes?

Some of our favorite childhood memories may be of home-preserved foods: delicious dill pickles, spicy salsa, and sweet jams and jellies.  And many of us enjoy sharing these favorite items with family and friends. But how do we know that these family favorites are safe and of good quality to share?


Halt to Master Gardener Program volunteer activities

Due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak and guidelines from Wisconsin Department of Health Services, UW-Madison, and federal agencies:

All Master Gardener Program related volunteer projects are suspended including, but not limited to, face to face meetings, bus trips, and plant sales for April and May. This will continue into the foreseeable future until further notice.


Price County MGV’s Educate with Community Growing Center

What a delight to live and work in Price County, the 5th largest county in the state’s 72 counties. The county is known for its spectacular natural beauty, including vast areas of national, state and county forestland, and 18,000 acres of water. Price County is the home to 14,159 people scattered throughout the area in […]

Framing a potential photograph

Good Photos for the Annual Accomplishment Report

Quality pictures are needed for the annual report and program marketing.  Please use the remaining garden season to get pictures of MGVs in action!  Image tips include: We need lots of action shots!  Posed gardening shots and group shots are useful (but no more than one, please).  Nature stills or landscapes are only useful if […]


Writing Impact Statements

Every MG groups hosts some sort of educational event(s) during the year. Encourage MGVs to plan ahead in order to collect meaningful information about the impact of their event. It’s not hard to create a good summary of the event that shows how it made a difference to the audience and community. The minimum information needed […]


The Big Picture of the MG Program

Our Master Gardener organization extends from grass roots in the communities to the international level. Trying to understand where you are at in the family tree can be confusing at times.

The implementation of the mandatory reporter training hasn’t made it any easier. In fact, in some counties it has evolved into a MG identity crisis!

I’m going to define things from the program office point of view. When you get into the details of each county program, you’ll experience nuances, such as size of the program and not-for-profit status, which may make your group different from everybody else in the state.