Soil Contaminant Series: Test for Soil Contaminants

Continuing Education Hours: Claim 1.5 hours if you watch the video, do the reading, and complete the quiz.

This Plants Plus is part of a Soil Contaminant Series. It provides an introduction to soil contaminants in Wisconsin as they pertain to gardening. This module focuses on testing soil for contaminants.

You’ll learn to:

  • Understand the regulatory concern about soil testing.
  • Identify appropriate times to test for soil contaminants.
  • Identify steps to sample soil for contaminants.
  • Interpret soil contaminant test results. 
  • Identify strategies and resources for gardening on contaminated soil.

Disclaimer for Master Gardeners:

Master Gardeners cannot give advice on human health or legal issues. If someone reaches out to you with soil contamination questions, please refer them to Extension so we can assist them.


  • Video segment presented by Geoff Siemering, Outreach Specialist, UW-Madison Department of Soil Science
  • Video segment is ~26 minutes long.


After watching the video, read these publications focusing on soil contaminants. These should reinforce what you learned in the video. Please note, the optional resource is there for your convenience. You do not need to read it to earn the 1.5 continuing education hours.

Resource mentioned in presentation: (optional)


Quiz: Tell Us What You Learned

Report your continuing education hours in the Online Reporting System.

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