Invasive Plants

WATCH: Invasive Plants

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Watch this playlist of videos that take a more in-depth look at a few invasive plant species:

  • Presenters: Tony Summers, UW-Extension; Paul Skawinski, Extension Lakes Program; Mark Renz, UW-Madison Professor and Extension Weed Specialist
  • Please Note: If you have invasive species to report, please email WIFDN or report to them, rather than reporting to the individuals who presented in these videos. WIFDN will relay the information to where it needs to go.
  • Playlist video link
  • Video playlist is ~30 minutes long

READ: More Information

The Wisconsin First Detector Network has a nice compilation of resources on invasive plant species.  For this section, visit the Invasive Species I.D. and Impacts section.  Choose three different invasive plant Factsheets from the Terrestrial Plants section to read.

A screenshot of the terrestrial plants section of the WIFDN website.



If you want to learn more about how to report invasive plants, check out the Wisconsin First Detector Network (WIFDN) website for ways to report invasives.

There are various options (an app, a website, emailing WIFDN) for you to learn about through the tutorials posted.

Please note:  You don’t have to report invasive plants to earn the Continuing Education hours. This is optional- and it helps our state!

Report your continuing education hours in the Online Reporting System.

Dame's rocket is an example of an invasive plant commonly found in Wisconsin.