Annual Report

2021 Hours per County

Due to COVID volunteer requirements were 0 hours for volunteer service and 10 hours for continuing education.

Community Service Hours (2001 to 2021)

Starting in 2019, reported hours were categorized by activity to better understand how volunteers are engaging in projects.

2020 and 2021 the program operated under reduced requirements due to COVID.

  • Answering Questions / Diagnostics: activities related to the one-on-one addressing of garden questions
  • Educating others: activities related to the engagement with gardening information, directly or indirectly, such as workshops, symposiums, displays, etc. Includes preparation and delivery
  • Gardening: activities related to the physical aspects of gardening
  • Administration/Support: activities related to the ongoing success of programming; includes meetings involving decision making; preparation/recovery of planned activities

Number of Master Gardeners (2001 to 2021)

Support Extension