Technology How-To Resources

This is a listing of outside sites that discuss how to use various technologies.

How to Upload to YouTube

YYouTube-iconouTube is a free video-sharing website where you can post your own videos and view videos that other people or institutions post.

Note: To upload to YouTube, you have to sign in with a Google+ account.  If you have a Gmail or Google+ account already, you just use that username and password.  If you do not have a Gmail or Google+ account, you can easily sign up for one.  It’s free and doesn’t ask for sensitive personal information.

How to Upload Video to Facebook

Facebook-iconFacebook is a social networking site where you can interact with others, post videos and pictures, and much more.  These instructions target an individual or group who already has a Facebook profile/page and wishes to learn to upload and share a video.

Recording Narration during a PowerPoint Slideshow

powerpoint-iconPowerPoint is a powerful and fairly simple tool that can be utilized to create video.  These instructions share how to add narration to your slides, which you can later save as a video.

(Be sure to click on “Record a narration before during a slide show” to access the correct instructions.)

How to Turn a PowerPoint into a Video

powerpoint-iconOnce you have successfully recorded narration in your presentation, follow these instructions to easily save the presentation and narration as a video file that can be uploaded online.

For version 2010 and newer. Previous versions of PowerPoint cannot save video files. You can convert presentations made in older versions of PowerPoint into newer versions by opening them in the more current versions of the program and saving them there. This will enable you to record them and turn them into video files.

Finding Appropriate Photos Online

As UW-Extension Volunteers, you need to make sure any images being used in educational or promotional materials are appropriately licensed, i.e. Creative Commons licensed or your original images.  This is important to help us avoid any issues with copyrights.

Photo releases

Photo releases are required when taking pictures of any non-UW-Extension Volunteer.  (Most Master Gardeners have already signed a volunteer agreement that included a photo release.)  If you are taking images of someone under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must sign the photo release.