About Hours

MGVs are required to complete a minimum of 24 hours of volunteer service in one or more locally approved projects annually and a minimum of 10 hours of continuing education after the first year in order to be certified.

Keeping a record of your hours and entering them into the Online Reporting System by the January 1 deadline is very important. Not only do these records allow for recognition of volunteers for their hard work, but they are also invaluable for program evaluation. This provides a record of the many ways MGVs serve the public. Local and state governments, which fund the program, are very interested in how effectively Extension uses tax revenues. Consequently, detailed records benefit both the MG Program and its clients.

Reporting Hours

You will report your volunteer hours in the Online Reporting System. Hours can be entered in the system:

  • on a daily basis
  • as a lump sum total for the year

For specific instructions on how to enter hours, help videos, FAQs about entering hours, and how access your account for the first time, visit Report Your Hours.

The deadline for entering hours is December 31 of every year.

Annual Enrollment

You must also complete annual enrollment by March 31 of every year. You will be prompted in our online reporting system to complete our annual mandates.

Couldn’t Complete All Your Hours?

If you are unable to complete the minimum number of hours for recertification, please contact the Master Gardener Program Office and request an EXCEMPT status. It is expected you will resume normal participation and submit hours the following year.