Celebrating Honored Master Gardeners

The Wisconsin Extension Master Gardener Program would like to celebrate the accomplishments of the following Master Gardeners for their commitment and dedication to the program and their communities. This past year, we introduced the opportunity for individuals to apply for the new HONORED level. Individuals with at least 10 years or 1000 hours volunteer service in Wisconsin, plus the ability to list their significant accomplishments were eligible.

As part of this recognition, these individuals are marked as HONORED in the ORS and have the freedom to continue to participate in the Wisconsin Extension Master Gardener Program without the obligation of annual hour reporting, though we still welcome their contributions!

Please take a moment to recognize these outstanding Master Gardeners:

Karen A. (Dane County)
Jim B. (Door County)
Jan B. (Juneau County)
Audrey B. (Wood County)
Lynn B. (Wood County)
Carrie C. (Sauk County)
Dan C. (Waukesha County)
Esther D. (Waukesha County)
Ann D. (Waukesha County)
Joanne E. (Adams County)
Beverly F. (Rock County)
Ellen F. (Fond du Lac County)
Doris F. (Milwaukee County)
Shirley F. (Fond du Lac County)
Dorothy G. (Winnebago County)
Faith G. (Marathon County)
Jane G. (Dane County)
Ted H. (Milwaukee County)
Ann H. (Marathon County)

Florence J. (Adams County)
Patricia J. (Adams County)
Lawanda J. (Winnebago County)
Laura K. (Chippewa County)
John J. K. (Milwaukee County)
Mary Ann K. (Adams County)
Irene K. (Juneau County)
Chris L. (Wood County)
Kenneth M. L. (Milwaukee County)
Lutrelle M. (Juneau County)
Susan M. (Milwaukee County)
Ann M. (Winnebago County)
Connie N. (Waukesha County)
Lindy P. (Milwaukee County)
Ann P. (Milwaukee County)
Bob P. (Winnebago County)
Mary Ellen R. (Waukesha County)
Eileen R. (Waukesha County)
Judy S. (Milwaukee County)

Carl S. (Door County)
Linda S. (Clark County)
Justine S. (Racine County)
William S. (Milwaukee County)
Carol S. (Dodge County)
Peggy S. (Chippewa County)
Beatrice S. (Waukesha County)
Arris S. (Juneau County)
Mary T. (Waukesha County)
Jeff T. (Waukesha County)
Brigette V. (Juneau County)
Tina W. (Fond du Lac County)
Ann W. (Waukesha County)
Arwyn W. (Vernon County)
Judy W. (Waukesha County)
Janet W. (Waukesha County)
Patty W. (Wauksha County)
Rose W. (Racine County)
Janet Y. (Walworth County)
Marcia Z. (Milwaukee County)

More information about the Honored level may be found in our Toolbox.

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