Hours Update: You’ve Been Busy

When we implemented the online reporting system (ORS) a few years ago, our goal was to add meaning to the hours you reported. We want to tell richer stories of how your efforts make a difference in lives and communities. We spent our first year filling it with information.  Just as we got to the point to do something with the data, the pandemic derailed us.

Now, with precautions, we can get back on track where we feel safe. Let’s take a quick peek at what’s been reported so far.

Master Gardeners by the Numbers

Nearly 1200 Master Gardeners from 64 counties reported hours between January 1 and July 31, 2021. [See the chart, below]

  • Winter meetings (blue) quickly turned into spring and summer gardening (green).
  • Educating others (yellow) by webinar or safely in-person was steady across the months.
  • You can see the uptick in answering gardening questions (red) starting in April.

We may also interpret the enthusiasm in May decreased in June and July due to poor weather, vacations, and increased precautions.

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Master Gardeners In Action

We also must be more than charts and graphs. Pictures and captions can make the numbers come to life. A special thank you to Darrin Kimbler, Janell Wehr, and Julie Hill for sharing these:


As we get this train rolling, I want to thank you for for sticking with the program. With patience, we’ll be going full steam again.

Do you have pictures you want to share of Master Gardeners in action?  Please send to mike.maddox@wisc.edu. Include a caption of what’s going on. Only include images of people who have agreed to our media release or if photographed in a way you can’t identify them.

Important: For your safety, we continue to waive the volunteer hour requirement for the remainder of 2021. Any activities you choose to participate in must continue to follow local health guidance.