Onboarding Lite for Returning Volunteers

In April 2021, all returning volunteers enrolled in the Wisconsin Master Gardener Program will get access to our new course, Onboarding-Lite.  This course is strongly recommended for all returning volunteers to complete and it will count for 10 hours of CE this year.

People serving in both staff and volunteer roles are most successful when they understand the organization they are engaged with, the scope of their role, and key contacts should they have questions. Over the last year we developed a training and orientation program for all new volunteers in our program. We call this Onboarding, and includes the criminal background check, mandated reporter training, the MG exam, and other required steps. Over 100 new volunteers to our program have completed this course and are ready to volunteer!

Onboarding-lite is a scaled down version of onboarding. It includes descriptions of our organization and program. It explains the scope of the role of a volunteer in the Master Gardener Program. Directions for online reporting and other aspects of the program are included. Onboarding-lite does NOT require the completion of the MG exam, criminal background check, mandated reporter training, and similar aspects.

The Master Gardener Program has been around for 40 years. Many of you have been in the program for one or more decades. Over the years, the program has evolved and things have changed. We ask all returning volunteers to complete onboarding-lite and re-familiarize yourself with the program.

How do I access Onboarding-Lite?