Enrollment Now Open for Returning Volunteers

Your action is required: Volunteers in the Master Gardener Program are required to “enroll” in the program each year. This includes activating your account in the Online Reporting System (if not done already), agreeing to the conditions of volunteer service and volunteer behavior agreement.

QUESTION: How can I know if I enrolled already?

ANSWER: If you can log in and report hours, you completed enrollment.

Who: All Master Gardener Volunteers (Including Certified and Exempt volunteers)

When: The enrollment process begins January 1 and ends March 31. It will only take you a couple of minutes to log in, check your information, and agree to the terms.

Where: It must be completed in the Online Reporting System. Click the green box below to complete it.

Report Your Hours / Annual Enrollment

Important: You must complete enrollment prior to any volunteer activity. Any volunteer service completed prior to enrollment is illegible for reporting. You will have limited access to your account until enrollment process is completed.Volunteers who do not complete the enrollment process by March 31, 2021 will be considered as no longer participating in the program.

If your criminal background check expires while you are inactive, you will be subject to registering and completing full onboarding if you wish to return to the program.

The enrollment process helps ensure a safe experience for you, our clients, and Extension staff.

Individuals who have been out of the program MUST be enrolled prior to any volunteer activity. Individuals transferring from other states must register and complete onboarding (limited availability in 2021 due to COVID restrictions).

Note: In April, enrolled volunteers will get access to Canvas, our online learning management system, in order to access future learning modules, such as Plants Plus and a modified version of our new onboarding course.

Enrollment Documents

The following documents are posted for viewing purposes only. Agreements for these documents will be in the online reporting system.