Halt to Master Gardener Program volunteer activities

[This has been updated from the original post]

Due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak and guidelines from Wisconsin Department of Health Services, UW-Madison, and federal agencies:

All Master Gardener Program volunteer requirements are suspended for the remainder of the year. This means MGVs will be able to report less than 24 hours of volunteer activity and still be able to maintain certification status. The 10 hour minimum of Continuing Education remains in place.

Do NOT let the volunteer requirements of the program jeopardize your health and well-being; Our priority is for you to stay home and be healthy.

The following activities remain on hiatus:

  • Any activity involving youth
  • Bus trips
  • Plant sales

[UPDATE September 23, 2020] A limited number of volunteer projects are allowable:

All volunteers must watch the following video prior to returning to projects.


The following activities are currently allowable (subject to change):

  • Volunteer and continuing education that can be completed from home.
  • Approved no-contact gardening activities.
  • Approved small group (10 and less) outdoor activities.
  • Approved small group (10 and less) indoor activities with masks.

The situation will continually be assessed and updates will be provided.

Masks are required for all projects on property owned or leased by UW, and for all approved indoor activities.

I know this is a disappointing situation for many of you. It is a necessary step for the protection of volunteers, staff, and clientele; and we hope to reduce the stress and burden on volunteers and staff as we work remotely.

For the latest information on COVID-19, visit the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and your county health department.