Master Gardener Program in Adams County 2019

At the end of 2019, 15 Master Gardener Volunteers reported 770 hours of volunteer service for an estimated value of $18,486 (Independent Sector).  They also reported 154 hours of continuing education and reached an estimated 1,199 individuals with various outreach projects.

Kids Day

This event was held in April at the Adams Friendship High school. This reaches around 1500 people, with 800 of them being youth. Adams County Master Gardeners planned an interactive booth where families could come up and learn about different trees. After interacting with the members, children were then given a tree to take home and plant. Before leaving they were given instructions on how to plant and care for the tree in its early stages of life.

Senior Fair

This is a free event for the senior citizens in Adams County. Senior aged citizens can participate and learn about resources that are available to them. Adams County Master Gardeners attended and presented on their work plan projects in hopes to gain more membership and invite people to their hosted educational talks.

Women’s Night Out

This is a community event hosted at the Adams- Friendship High school, hosted by the area hospital. Educational booths and vendors from across the county come and promote what they have available. The audience predominately served at this particular event is women. Adams County Master Gardeners hosted a booth explaining what their mission and the projects of which they are working on around the Adams County area.

Adams County Fair

This was a new project for the Adams County Master Gardeners. The groups created a educational booth explaining what Master Gardeners is and what the mission is. They displayed this in the booth section at the fair and received a blue ribbon.

Community Center Planting

Each year the Master Gardeners plant flowers in planters at the Community Center. They are stationed at entry way as people enter and leave the building. Each pot has one sign that states the Master Gardeners are the ones in ownership of the pot. The members take turns throughout the growing season to water and manage the flowers.

School Garden

Adams County Master Gardeners worked with elementary school partners and Food Wise to complete the Growing Together grant project. The members were involved with garden designing, planting, maintaining, and harvesting. They really enjoyed this project.

Hospital flowers

This project was done with our local hospital. They supplied the flowers and the Master Gardeners planted and maintained the flowers throughout the growing season.

By the Numbers

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