Master Gardener Program in Grant County 2019

At the end of 2019, 22 Master Gardener Volunteers reported 1,826 hours of volunteer service for an estimated value of $43,822 (Independent Sector).  They also reported 815 hours of continuing education and reached an estimated 3,583 individuals with various outreach projects.

Platteville Mining and Rollo Jamison Museum Garden

Three Master Gardener Volunteers were involved in designing and planting a butterfly garden around the front of the museum for the enjoyment of all who will be visiting the museum. Twenty-one volunteers from the Platteville community came together to plant 150+ plants in four different sections of the garden. In addition, educational signage about the specific plants and the butterfly garden were exhibited in the garden. Interest was expressed in how to plan such a large garden as well as how to use “host” plants for caterpillars.  

Doll & Toy Museum Pollinator Garden

Master Gardener Volunteers planted a sustainable habitat for bees and butterflies, featuring Wisconsin native, pollinator friendly plants. With the help of over a dozen community supporters an educational area to learn, grow, and experience nature was created within the community. The goal for next year is to become a registered Monarch Way Station as well as add a sensory-herb garden for humans and winged creatures alike.  

Creative Youth Expo

Three Master Gardener Volunteers assisted and educated 21 youth in a gardening session at the Creative Youth Expo where the youth created a Hypertufa container and planted succulents to take home and possibly enter as 4-H project at the fair. The project allows the youth to be creative, gain a greater understanding and passion for gardening. The youth enjoyed the session so much that one participant signed up for a second session and another participant came back and asked if there were extra plants to take home and share with his family. 

Katie’s Garden


In celebration of the 15-year anniversary of Katie’s Garden a wishing tree element was featured which is an object to record your wishes and offerings. Master Gardener volunteers chose this tree specifically near the water’s edge and table where one can sit and reflect. This garden area started out 15 years ago as a shade garden and then changed to a unique fairy garden. Since it was flooded out in 2018, the area has become a restful spot for making wishes. Seven Master Gardener volunteers have dedicated their time and talent to this project. 

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