Master Gardener Program in Dodge County 2018

The Master Gardener Program in Dodge County started in 2004. Over 193 people have been trained since that time, and there are currently 31 certified Master Gardener Volunteers (MGVs) for 2019.

In 2018, Dodge County Master Gardener Volunteers reported 2,839 hours of community service, worth a value of over $68,148.

* using the current estimated dollar value of volunteer time in Wisconsin of $24.69 per hour, from Independent Sector.

Featured Projects

Answer Gardening Questions

Dodge County Master Gardener Volunteers answered 98 garden related inquiries this year via their helpline.  Clients could meet face to face with a MGV to help with any gardening dilemma. Or, questions could be sent by email, phone, and social media.  Eight MGVs worked this year, including 4 interns. The helpline email is monitored year round for any gardening question. Clients from previous seasons returned for the knowledgeable, unbiased gardening information.

Garden Alongside People with Learning Disabilities

MGVs taught young adults with learning disabilities how to grow and maintain vegetables.  In partnership with Daybreak, a Community Based Residential Facility, MGVs assisted residents in growing their vegetables to sell at farmers markets for subsidiary income or for residents to eat.  The gardening activities also teach valuable life-skills to the residents to improve their own social well-being.

Educate the Community

MGVs met their own continuing educations needs and provided the community access to gardening information.   Monthly, evening programs used guest speakers to address a variety of topics including life long gardening, plant propagation, growing and curing gourds, growing microgreens, and even food preservation. One program was an off site meeting where everyone toured a reclaimed native prairie. Each month the programs serve 30 to 45 people, a mix of MGVs and the general public. Many of the participants come to most, if not all, of the programs.  

Teach Kids about Gardening and Bats

During the course of the school year, MGVs taught 6 to 9 kids each week with a mix of hands-on gardening activities, writing, and community service. In another project, kids learned about bat habitat and how to use power tools in order to create bat boxes to distribute throughout county parks.

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  • Gardening for Gold Fall Symposium
  • Ask a Master Gardener Help Line
  • Horicon Pollinator Garden
  • Annual Bus Trip
  • Administration Bldg Educational Garden
  • Facebook — Dodge Co. MG Association
  • Green Valley Enterprises Life Academy
  • Dodge County Food Pantry Garden

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