Master Gardener Program in Burnett County 2017

The Master Gardener Program in Burnett County started in 1999. Over 52 people have been trained since that time, and there are currently 11 certified Master Gardener Volunteers (MGVs) for 2018. The UW-Extension Educator facilitating the MG Program is Agriculture Agent Kevin Schoessow.

Volunteer Service in 2017

Youth Education  70 hours
Adult Education  224 hours
Support 402 hours
Total  696 hours

Since 2000: 9,076 hours at a value of over $163,425

* using the current estimated dollar value of volunteer time in Wisconsin of $23.06 per hour, from Independent Sector. Cumulative value based on previous annual estimates.

mg-footer-logoWhere you can find activities by MGVs

  • Forts Folle Avione Historic Park
  • Grantsburg Library
  • Webster Elementary School Garden
  • Webster Library
  • Lakeside Lutheran Church
  • Burnett County Farmers Market
  • Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area
  • St. Croix Tribe Head Start

School Garden Teaches Children

A butterfly garden installed last year by MGVs in front of the Webster Elementary School has yielded a number of butterflies this year. The 4th grade garden buddies will harvest the milkweed pods this fall and instruct other interested students on how and when to plant. In addition to the Butterfly Garden, MGVs have also volunteered in their school vegetable garden working with the teacher on a farm to table concept. The attendees ranged from novices to experienced gardeners and together shared successes and failures on how to raise healthy plants. Once the mysteries of germination were broken into simple steps everyone was ready to start gardening.

image of children and vegetables

Fort Folle Avoine Historic Park Gardens

MGVs manage some of the gardens at Fort Folle Avoine Historical Park in Danbury. The raised “heritage garden” beds are examples of kitchen gardens, pollinator gardens with native plants, cutting gardens, perennial gardens and a Three Sisters garden. The Three Sisters included the gete okosomin squash from Native Americans, corn and beans. Home-schooled children helped prepare the garden soil and plant seeds. This was not only a volunteer activity for them but also a learning experience.

image of kids gardening

Helping Others Grow Plants

A seed starting program was provided by a MGV at the Webster Library to give a good start to the 2017 growing season. The program provided information on appropriate seed starting methods, the best seed varieties for success, and timing for northern gardeners.