Good Photos for the Annual Accomplishment Report

Quality pictures are needed for the annual report and program marketing.  Please use the remaining garden season to get pictures of MGVs in action!  Image tips include:

  • We need lots of action shots!  Posed gardening shots and group shots are useful (but no more than one, please).  Nature stills or landscapes are only useful if they reflect your region.  We really want to see MGVs doing stuff!  See examples.
  • Get high resolution photos.  Yes, they take up more space, but high resolution also gives us the flexibility to edit and crop photos.  They also look better online.
  • We need the original color version.  Don’t send us something that has been filtered with an app or that is black and white. 
  • If sending us images of non-volunteers, make sure you have their photo release on file.  Or, send us images where you can’t clearly see who they are (back of heads or far away).  Otherwise, close-up or mid-distance shots are preferred if you can get them.
  • We can use images of MGVs in action in a variety of settings, especially these: answering gardening questions, working with youth, working with underserved/new audiences, planting trees, working in downtown/business districts, working in community gardens, anything with pollinators or invasives, and teaching/instructing.  We also can use images of Level 1 training and students engaged in activities.

A special thank you to Christina Rencontre, our 4-H and Youth Development Communication Arts & Communications Specialist, for sharing her expertise with MGVs in the following video: