Master Gardener Program in Juneau County 2015

The Master Gardener Program in Juneau Co. started in 2005. Over 140 people have been trained since that time, and there are currently 19 certified Master Gardener Volunteers (MGVs) for 2016. The UWEX Educator facilitating the MG Program is Agriculture Agent Craig Saxe.

Free Little Library

Thanks to MGV’s, a free little ‘Gardening’ library was recently constructed near our Community Garden this spring. MGV’s shared many of their gardening books and magazines with these less experienced gardeners. We loaned/gave out books and magazines while focusing on educating the gardeners on new tips and techniques to enhance their gardening experience.

Juneau County Fairs

Juneau County has two fairs each summer, a June fair in Elroy and an August fair in Mauston. MGVs assist the judges at our fairs, serve as judges to other county fairs, support the cost of ribbons, and serve as building superintendents (answering gardening questions). MGVs also provide guidance and education to the youth as they set up their vegetable and plant/flower entries. MGVs sold plants, answered the public’s questions and gave gardening advice during the spring fair. At the fall fair the MGVs’ booth on container gardens (with free educational handouts) received a first place.

Boorman House Gardens

We continue to keep the many gardens at the County Historical Museum known as the Boorman House in Mauston beautiful. We also decorate a room in the historical house for their annual Christmas Open House. The Boorman House, located very visibly on a main street, draws a steady flow of people, both locals and tourists. This creates a lot of awareness for the MGV program and provides an economic impact for Juneau County. Because of the MGV’s students with special needs to participate.

Volunteer Service in 2015

Youth education  85 hours
Adult education 61 hours
Support services 792 hours
Total 938 hours
Value* $20872

Since 2005: 12,498 hours at a value of over $239,973

* using the current estimated dollar value of volunteer time in Wisconsin of $22.24 per hour, from Independent Sector. Cumulative value based on previous annual estimates.

Copy of Master Gardener Symbol - Full Color

Where you can find activities by MGVs in Juneau Co.

  • Buckhorn State Park
  • Mauston Court House
  • New Lisbon City Planters
  • Carl W. Nelson Animal Shelter Planters
  • Mauston Food Pantry Flower Beds
  • Necedah Wildlife Refuge
  • Adopt-A-Highway Project
  • Boorman House