Master Gardener Program in Walworth County 2015

The Master Gardener Program in Walworth County started in 1999. Over 385 people have been trained since that time, and there are currently 74 certified Master Gardener Volunteers (MGVs) for 2016. The UWEX Educator facilitating the MG Program is Horticulture Educator Chrissy Wen.

Clinic Garden Welcomes Clients

Open Arms Free Clinic serves the health and wellness needs of the uninsured, low income and under- served residents of Walworth County. It is the first of its kind in South Eastern Wisconsin. A team of first year MGVs organized work teams, designed, and planted landscaping for the newly opened Clinic. The purpose of the outdoor garden space is to create an environment that is welcoming and shows that the love and compassion that is happening inside is also happening on the outside.

MGVs Teach Local Youth

MGVs joined with UWEX Hort Educator Chrissy Wen to teach four kindergarten classes at Brookwood Elementary School. This program for 90 youth and faculty focused on pollinators and seeds. MGVs also taught 18 classes at Holiday Home Camp, reaching

137 inner city youth, about the water cycle and tree identification. These two programs not only built trust-based partnerships they also provided MGVs the opportunity to strengthen their leadership skills and confidence in teaching others.

Plant Swap Benefits Local Food Pantries

For the past 9 years many county residents have enjoyed the annual MG plant swap. Members of the public donate non-perishable food items, plants, or money for the designated food pantry in exchange for plants. Each year a different food pantry from Walworth County is selected by the planning team. This year nearly 100 people participated in the event and approximately 300 pounds of food and $290 was donated to a local food pantry. In addition to helping those in need, the swap helps build community awareness of UW-Extension and MG programs.

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Volunteer Service in 2015

Youth education  342 hours
Adult education 479 hours
Support services 3910 hours
Total 4731 hours
Value* $105229

Since 2000: 45,159 hours at a value of over $852,027

* using the current estimated dollar value of volunteer time in Wisconsin of $22.24 per hour, from Independent Sector. Cumulative value based on previous annual estimates.

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Where you can find activities by MGVs in Walworth Co.

  • Lake Geneva Farmers Market
  • Lakeland Health Care Center
  • Walworth County Fair
  • Open Arms Free Clinic
  • Brookwood Elementary School
  • Kishwauketoe Nature Conservancy
  • Holiday Home Camp
  • Walworth County Government Center