Lake Superior (Douglas County): Growing Vegetables and Vegetable Gardens

Master Gardener Associations all over the state do many great things.  Here is a highlight from the 2013 Annual Report:

This year LSMGVs participated with “Leadership Superior” and the Boy’s and Girl’s Club to plant, maintain and harvest a vegetable garden at the Superior Housing Authority Community Garden. For so many youth, it is not a lack of desire to grow a garden or to even get dirty, it is the leading hands of a caring adult that are needed to enable. MGVs were able incorporate a demonstration garden into the community while providing hands-on learning to the youth. The plot itself had to be developed almost from scratch, with raised beds and mulch over severely depleted soils. At mid season, the gardeners held a tour in connection with Hmong Family gardeners and the UW-Extension Teaching Garden. It was wonderful to have the children share their garden story especially when they explained what they were going to do differently next year! There was a delicious harvest fest held at the end of the season, complete with tasting for the families, volunteers, and neighboring gardeners.

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